Non Followers for Instagram


Find out who's not following you on Instagram and unfollow them



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Non Followers for Instagram is an app to quickly view the Instagram users who you follow but who don't follow you back. What's even better, you can unfollow them directly from the app, without any sort of restriction.

Another feature on Non Followers for Instagram is the option to see users who have stopped following you recently. To use this feature correctly, though, you have to leave it installed on your device. This means you can only see the most recent 'unfollowers' after you've already had the app installed.

In addition to these basic features, Non Followers for Instagram has some features that are only available to users with the PRO version. The most interesting of these lets you do mass unfollows with just a tap.

Non Followers for Instagram is an app that should definitely be appealing for anyone who regularly uses the popular social network. With it you can find out who doesn't follow you instantly.
By Álvaro Toledo

Requires Android 4.0.4 or higher

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